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One of the important issues of our day is how the believers participate in financial giving to expand and support God’s Kingdom. At Verse by Verse Ministries our desire is to practice absolute integrity as we receive gifts from those who believe in what we are doing use those funds to carry out the mission and purpose of this ministry. Gifts are received with gratitude and reverence knowing they have been given to the Lord. Using those gifts will be done in Christian stewardship as taught in God’s Word.

Following are principles from the New Testament to guide individuals in their giving:

  1. The purpose of our giving is to satisfy the needs of others so that God will be worshipped and glorified. (II Cor 9:10-14)
  2. Give voluntarily and systematically. This helps us avoid covetousness and impulsive giving. (I Cor. 16:1, II Cor. 9:5)
  3. Give with cheerfulness and joy, not under any kind of compulsion by another. (II Cor 9:7)
  4. Give Sacrificially. [Not equal gifts but equal sacrifice.] (II Cor. 8:1-11) 5. Because we are not under the Mosaic Law, we are not obligated to give ten percent of our income. However, we are told to give as God has prospered us. Therefore, we believe in grace giving which means that we give to honor the Lord and the amount of the gift is a private matter between each person and the Lord.

Verse by Verse Ministries would be honored by anyone who is led of the Holy Spirit to support the cost of broadcasting by including us in their personal stewardship. It is our desire that when this is done, the person making the gift is doing so only after their commitment to their local church is being met.

All gifts received from listeners and friends will be used for the cost of producing the program, the cost of airtime and the costs involved in general operations.

Verse by Verse Ministries commits to receiving all gifts with reverence and gratitude and will honor the gift by using it wisely, practicing Scriptural stewardship principles.

“For We Proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, that we may present every man complete in Christ.” – Colossians 1:28